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B R Murphrey, Artist and AuthorEven as a child, I loved to read and draw. So much so that classmates called me “Bookworm.” I also developed a very active imagination often making up stories for my younger sister and brother. Sometimes the stories were about real happenings but sometimes just made up. I wanted my stories to be true so bad that I believed they might be true. My sister and brother were often convinced that they were true!

A Blue Fairy could she be the fairy queen from my childhood fantasy story about fairies and villagesFor instance, I once convinced my sister to help me make a fairy village. I told her that the fairies would come at night to live in it. She told me later that the only reason she helped me is so that she could see the fairies. As for myself, I thought they might come; but wasn’t sure. I checked it everyday until the rain washed it away. And that was the start of a new story.

When my own children were young, they enjoyed the stories I told them. They especially liked the stories that I made up about themselves and their adventures. Some of the stories you read here will be stories I made up about my children. Some will be stories based on my own childhood.

Illustration from childrens story DRACULAs CLOSET original art and story by the author B R MurphreyThe story Dracula’s Closet is about a small boy’s experience with fear. Davedee was written for young adults. I hope at some point to have poetry and stories that even adults will enjoy.

As you can see my site is still in progress. Enjoy yourself and come back as often as you wish, and feel free to comment.

By the way “BPhrey” is pronouced “be free.” It derives from the first initial of my name and the last five letters of my last name "Murphrey".

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