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About My Website - BPhrey (Previously BPhrey.Com)

How Long Has My BPhrey Website Been Online?
Online Since 2002

Bhrey was originally Bhrey.Com was originally founded in the year 2002, but a few years ago I was too busy working to really worry about the site so I let the domain lapse, but my daughter Janice Moore moved my site to a section of her site ShirtsAndGifts.Com (http://www.shirtsandgifts.com/bphrey) which no longer exists.

Finally Retirement 2013,
For This High School Librarian and Former Art Teacher

I am retiring this year which will give me time to start writing and painting and, well, living. So in preparation, I reclaimed my old domain name of BPhrey.Com and as a retirement gift my daughter; Janice Moore (mentioned earlier) presented me with this fresh new web design. She's been cracking down learning all that web designer mumbo jumbo using my site as exercise in putting to application all the new web hokey she's been trying to learn in order to redesign her own various sites some time in the future.

Cutting Back On Expenses 2015

This year I had to cut back on my expenses, so I am once again letting the domain go and am moving my site to a section of my daughter's website at OnTheCheese.Com - For now I am no longer BPhrey.com, but am instead: Http://www.onthecheese.com/bphrey

Web Design Credits: Janice Moore

Background tiles, the butterfly header she did all that as well as layout, coding, css, she prepared my pictures for online viewing, meta tags, Remember to visit her at Seeker World Fiction And Nonfiction, her author and artist website (Yes, it runs in the family!), and OTC Billiards,

Terms Of Use

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BPhrey Has Been Hanging Around Online For Over A Decade Now

But is just now really claiming to a web presence. It's time to get the show on the road and start writing again and painting and enjoying living instead of working myself to the bone.

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