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Painter Artist Statement - B R Murphrey

My art style is usually realistic, reflecting a fascination with light and color, but my personal feelings on the subject play a part. My favorite subjects to paint are flowers, grass, water, and the sky. Sometimes I paint expressing strong emotions, mystical in nature, and full of symbolism.

I may not even be aware of the symbolism until someone points it out to me. In my emotional pieces, color reflects the mood of the painting.  For instance, I may use monochromatic or analogous colors to create a feeling of harmony.  Contrasting colors are used to create drama. Living forms may be hidden in the shadow of a mountain, or may lie concealed in the grass. A sweep of color may outline a human. I loved the way a bright color looks against cool or muddied colors.  It helps the viewer realize the beauty of a flower and shows the movement grass. The use of blue, purple, and white push objects back in space. Bright Red, orange, and yellow move the same object forward.

Lately, I find myself observing the sky.  It is ever changing.  One minute it is crystal blue with clouds backlit in white or silver.  Two hours later, the clouds have transformed to hues of purple, pink, and gold.  I want to paint more skies.  How light and shade can be used to create an object has long fascinated me.

Lines and swoops of color can be used to develop flowers, trees, insects, and leaves. A tree can stand out from the rest of the forest by a simple movement of the brush.  A lighter slash of green can move one leaf in front of another. Often I get so caught up in painting that I forget my original purpose for the painting. The emotion that drove it leaves me. This is the number one reason I fail to complete some paintings. It truly is about the journey.