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(Reading Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy - Fiction)

Daveede's World (Draft Copy) - Chapter 1

Copyright © 2000 B R Murphrey. All rights reserved.

One Foot Through

Daveede cast a furtive glance over her shoulder as she touched the time stone. She knew what she was doing was not acceptable behavior, but she just had to see it herself. A section of the cave’s wall seemed to waver. Then it opened. The light almost blinded her. Finally her eyes adjusted and focused on trees and plants, not like those of her world but like the old histories. They were not trimmed to fit the space; but thick, straight and tall.

She glanced again at the time set. There were a few hours yet. She would just look for a moment. It would be safe enough. A boy name Mark was the last person who had tried to step through the wall. Daveede remembered very little about it because she had been very small at the time. He had been foolish and stayed too long. He died the death of open wounds.

For a moment she stood uncertain, half in and half out. Then she heard bird songs. The Histories told of the many song birds that lived uncaged in the time before the obsolution. She desired so much to know this world. It was decided. She stepped through. After all she reasoned it would be safe for a while.

The door closed behind her with a light click, and for a moment a shiver ran down her back. The chill was not for the cold. The air was warm, warmer and dryer than the cool moist atmosphere of her world. She turned her head from side to side taking in the intense colors and subtle changes of light. Only in the light room, where the children played, had she ever seen so much light.

It was so beautiful. Even the air was gentle, not choking when sucked in quickly. Daveede pushed the hood of her cloak back and shook out her white-silver hair. It fell about her narrow shoulders in heavy unruly waves over fabric the color of charcoal. She had seen a woman once who had hair that color and spoke to her. Her eyes had been dark and darting. She spoke of the outer world, and of a colony established by her people. They had lived in protected worlds much like Daveede’s, but had become too crowded and had decided to establish an outer world colony. “It would never be safe for humans, again.” The elders declared.

She froze in place realizing that the birds no longer sang.

Then...”Johnny, don’t! If you do I...” She heard no more words because at that moment a shriek seemed to split the air with it’s urgency.

She ran toward the sound. Then thinking better of her actions, she slowed and slipped between the branches of an earthbound bush. Holding the branches to one side she observed a girl about her age and a boy who looked a bit younger maybe eleven or twelve. Both were sturdy built with large blue eyes and red-gold hair. The boy’s body was covered with tiny brown spots.

The boy was holding a small wiggling animal toward the girl.

“I don’t want it! Take that thing away from my face, Glen!” The girl’s voice sounded more angry than afraid. Her body was stiff and her chin thrust forward.

“It’s just a lizard.” The boy laughed.

Daveede stood watching in horror. How could they be so uncaring when their lives were about to be destroyed. “Fools,” She screamed stepping into the clearing. “How can you play when the world you have known is about to be obsoluted.

The children turned toward her their mouths ajar. “What did she say?” The boy mocked.

“Oh, stop it, Glen. She is just putting on airs. See how she shakes. She is afraid. Aren’t you?” The girl addressed the last part to Daveede.

“You have always been a violent people” Daveede said and gritted her teeth.

“What do you mean, violent?” Glen raised his arm and shook his fist toward Daveede.

“That’s what she means."

"Stop acting like a bully.” The girl held out her hand. "My name is Lorie and this is my brother, Glen. We live on Greene St.”

“Green St.?” Daveede repeated.

“Yeah, Where do you live?”

“I came from tomorrow.”

“Where is that?” Lorie asked.

“It is hard to explain. Look why aren’t you trying to protect yourselves?”

“From what?” Glen Growled.

“The obsolution.”

“You mentioned that before.” Lorie said patiently, but she glared at Glen. “What is that?”

“Haven’t you been listening to your leaders? Your world is about to be obliterated.”

“She is a spy, Lorie.” Glen’s eyes narrowed.

Daveede glared back. “I understand why my elders call you a stubborn people. The world is about to be erased and you’re still acting like feudal lords.”

“If the world is destroyed it will be your country’s fault." Glen said as he reached out and grabbed Daveede’s cloak. She was frightened and tried to pull it away from his grasp, but he held it even tighter.

Daveede turned and ran, feeling the cloak tear as she did. Her breath was coming fast by the time she reached the time wall. She touched the hidden place and began the code. She had only two numbers left when she thought of what might happen if the wrong people found the wall.

She scrambled the code and ran down the hill away from the boy. She glanced back to see that he was gaining on her. Then there was a sharp pain in her head. It was a trap, she thought. The girl circled behind me... Stupid of me to think I was smart enough....


“She is coming around, Glen. Now, give her a chance. She might be very nice.”

“If she is so nice, why did she run.”?

“If a bull moose like you tried to grab me, I’d run, too. Just chill for a minute.”

For a moment Daveede thought she was having a dream. Colors swam before her eyes. Patterns of dark green and light danced before a background of the palest blue. Daveede’s thoughts came slowly back into focus. Those were leaves waving in the breeze.

There was something very wrong.... The leaves. They were the wrong color and the sky was supposed to be violet. Still more important what was she doing outside. How long had she been here? The sickness! She was too young to die. Only the old were allowed outside and then only for a short time. How did I...? Her thoughts were broken by a girl’s face. A girl with large blue eyes.

“We don’t want to hurt you. Please do not be afraid. If you tell us where you live, we will take you home. Glen has a wild imagination, sometimes.”

Daveede sat up and touched her head. A small lump was beginning to form.

“You ran into a tree.” The girl laughed. “You looked so funny. You slammed into that tree and stood there watching Glen. Then plop. You sort of melted to the ground.” Lorie started to laugh. Then stopped. “I’m sorry. I guess this is not funny to you. Is it?”

Daveede remembered being chased and the time wall. Slowly everything came back to her. “I only wanted to help.” She said softly.

“Don’t worry about it. Glen watches too many spy movies. He is a nice guy when you get to know him. You must not have any brothers or you would know how boys are."

“No, I was...” Daveede stopped. This girl would not understand her life anymore than she understood theirs. Still this girl was very much like her and Glen was a lot like the boys in her study section. They seemed to always be in trouble.

Daveede glanced at her time set. She had three hours left. Three hours would be enough time to find out of if they could be trusted.

She would wait until the last hour. Then she would decide. If she lead them through the time wall the elders would not be pleased. Maybe the elders did not have to know.......

To Be Continued...