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Dracula's Closet

© B R Murphrey 1986. All Rights Reserved.

Michael Confronts The Evil In The Darkness

Dracula scares MichaelDracula lives in my closet. No one believes me but he does.

One night he came sneaking out of my closet wearing white gloves and shiny black shoes. He frightened me so bad that the hair on my head stood up like porcupine quills.

"Mommy, help!" I screamed. Mommy rushed into my room with that white stuff all over her face. She scared me almost as much as Dracula. I thought she was a ghost.

Her lips looked blood red against her white face. Did Dracula get to her? "Michael, what is wrong?" she said, and I knew she was my Mom.

"I saw Dracula." I whispered.

"You were dreaming." She smiled. "Go back to sleep." She kissed me and that white stuff got on my nose. Yuck!

I was almost asleep when he whispered in my ear. "She is gone." Snap! He tried to bite my ear. "Mommy! Mommy!" I threw the blanket over my head and held my hands over my ears.

"What is it, Darling?" My Mother asked as she pulled the blanket back. I sat up, looked around the room, but Dracula was gone.

"He was here!"

"Who was here?" Mom asked.

Mom looks in the closet for Dracula"Dracula. Honest, Mom he was....Here! I bet he is hiding in my closet. Please, look."

She had that don't be silly look on her face but she opened the closet door and looked inside. "There is no one here, Michael." She said firmly.

"Look behind my clothes." I begged.

"There is nothing here." She told me sternly as she pulled back my clothes so that I could see for myself. "Now, you go back to sleep."

As soon as the door closed behind her, the closet door opened, Dracula in his black cloak came out. He grinned at me, showing teeth long and white.

"Go away!" I climbed on top of my bookcase, and knocked off a book. It made a loud noise as it fell.

"Michael, last warning. Settle down and go to sleep!" Dad's voice boomed.

"You better go or you will be in big trouble." I whispered but Dracula just smiled.

Mom does not see Dracula in the closetAt that moment my mother came into the room. "Michael, stop the nonsense and go to sleep." "We have to get up early in the morning." She did not see Dracula. He slipped behind her and into the closet without making a sound. Not many people can fool Mom but I am not sure that Dracula is a real person.

"Mom, He just went behind you into the closet."

She opened the closet door, and sighed. "Get down from there and look for yourself."

I climbed down from the bookcase and went to look. There was no sign of him.

"Michael, I know it is fun to pretend but this has gone too far. Next time you see him, pretend he is not there. Monsters do not live where they are not noticed. I will leave the light on so you can see better. Now, no more noise tonight." She tucked me back into bed and left.

She was barely out of the room when the closet door knob moved. He was back. Dracula peeped around the closet door, and giggled. "You are stuck with me now, Michael."

"I am not! I will pretend you away."

"Go ahead!" He sat down in my chair and tucked his cloak around him.

I closed my eyes and repeated a hundred times, "Dracula does not exist."

He was still sitting in my chair when I opened my eyes. I closed them again and tried harder to make him go away. When I opened them again he was playing with my airplane.

I threw my pillow at him. He ate the feathers. I gave up and went to sleep. The last thing I remembered was him cleaning his teeth with my tooth brush.

The next morning all signs of him were gone. So was my pillow. I knew he would be back. I threw my toothbrush away.

Blocking the door against DraculaThe next night Mom kissed me good-night and said, "I hope you are not going to start all that business about Dracula tonight."

"No." I promised. No way she would believe that he spent the night in my room. She went out my bedroom door, and the closet door opened. Dracula came out wearing a magician's hat.

"Well, if it isn't my old friend, Michael." He said pulling the chair up to my bed and sat down. "Why don't you close your eyes and pretend me away?"

"How did you get in my closet?" I asked.

"I have a secret sliding door," He said. "and I am the only one who knows how to open it."

I stared at him, and realized that I was not as afraid as I had been the night before. "Would you stop staring. I think it rude to stare." He said.

Then I got the idea. Would it work? I watched him until my eyes felt like marbles. I was about to give up when his nose disappeared. Then it reappeared.

"Stop staring at me!" He begged. I didn't answer. His nose disappeared. He blinked his eyes and said. " Be a good boy and go to sleep, Michael."

I just smiled and leaned toward him. "This is not funny, Michael. Stop staring!" At that moment his feet disappeared. "I am going to have to do something drastic, if you....." At that moment his face disappeared. "I am warning you, Michael!" His voice sounded far away.

He was gone. Just like that he was gone. I waited. I finally fell asleep. That was the last time I saw him.

Sometimes late at night I hear noises coming from my closet. So to be safe I put my table, my chair, and my waste basket against the closet door.

I read somewhere that Dracula does not like water, so I keep a water bottle beside my bed. If he ever comes back I will be ready.

Scarry Ending

AUTHOR'S NOTE: When my own son was a little boy he believed Dracula lived in his closet. Now he is grown. Dracula no longer lives in his closet. He made him leave. So can you.