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OTC Billiard Designs Are On The Cheese Designs For Pool Players

About The Designer - Janice Moore

Janice Moore of OTC Billiards DesignsHuge Online Inventory Of Over 200+ Product Lines

A one of a kind collection of products by OTC Billiard designs that pool players want to need. Chose from a large selection of novelty gifts and uniquely designed billiard products that are two steps above normal. Created from original designs and art of North Carolina artist Janice Moore and sold on your choice of over 200 product lines. These exclusive items make great gift ideas for pool players! Take advantage of online Christmas sale to buy special Billiards gifts and pool room decor.

OTC Billiards Designs for Sale Online On 200+ Product Lines

Find the perfect Christmas gift from among our huge selection of OTC Billiard Designs. Large inventory of novelty billiard gift ideas and beautiful art for game room decor.

OTC Billiards shot glasses come in various custom pool designs
Find unique billiard Christmas gift ideas sold online for
Pool Players
find the perfect gift from huge product inventory of over 200+ products

Buy Pool Player Hand Towels - OTC Billiards DesignsPool Player Hand Towels

Keeps your hands clean while playing and protects your cue

Whether you need it to clean your pool cue or wipe your hands a hand towel is a great accessory to have when you are playing pool.

Avoid the use of hand chalk - Simply use a hand towel instead

Pool players need to keep a hand towel on them at all times. The players towel is a basic tool used to keep your hands clean and dry from sweating hands and dirt that would otherwise collect on your hands and cue making it difficult for you to execute a smooth stroke.

Soft fleece billiards novelty towel is gentle enough for a baby's cheeks and soft enough to clean your cue and keep hand dry while playing for a smoother stroke. Great Christmas gift idea and an essential accessory for pool players when playing pool.