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Speculative Christian Fantasy Author and Narrative Artist Bio - Janice Moore

Author and Artist Bio

Author and Artist Janice Moore before cancerJanice Moore has been inventing emotional and imaginative stories since early childhood in words and by drawing narrative illustrations in order to develop and give life to the characters she creates.

In College Janice took up the game of 9-ball. After graduating she moved to Raleigh NC, determined to become one of the best billiard players on the pro tour. But life has a way of changing our best laid plans, so she married instead. Taught her future husband how to play 9 Ball and traded late nights and being on the road all the time for a home, family, critters... sunlight, outdoors, books (mostly nonfiction, ancient and prerecorded history, archaeology and Biblical studies... and some fantasy, notably the Dune Series by Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson), writing and researching ancient history, Old Testament times of Noah and the Tower of Babel, myths and legends of ancient civilizations... a sketch book and computer.

Fantasy Artist Janice Moore Combines Narrative Art To Her Writing

Narrative artist Janice Moore combines her art talent and love of history with imagination to produce images rich in detail. Her hand drawn drawings are primarily character and narrative illustrations of her stories. But her artwork is not limited to illustration, or, to just fantasy, but branches out further, extending into Native American Culture, Celtic and other diverse subjects. She has a particular fondness for drawing eyes and faces, and likes to depart from her normal tendency to draw strictly realistic art to have fun with her drawings; introducing hidden art, optical illusions and developing tantalizing, curious and even mystical images to surprise and introduce evocative emotional elements into her artwork.

As a storyteller, Janice uses her drawing talent to add depth to her Epic Legends of The Seeker World Stories; creating imaginary Christian fantasy art inspired by ancient legends and history. She strives to use artistic means to develop her speculative fiction in such a way that the reader can see, hear, touch, and even smell the thing or scene being described.

Diagnosed With Cancer on November 17, 2011.

Janice Moore has overcome many obstacles including cancer. Now that she is back in the land of the living, she plans to finish that book she started writing and illustrating years ago. Her first book due for release back in 2010 was indefinitely put on hold for health reasons. Being diagnosed with cancer a year later really slowed things down to a grinding halt. It is projected that the book will finally be ready for publishing in the next few years. But having learned her lesson the hard way. She is not taking her time and is trying not to over do it.

Look for Her Book:

view the back cover of the book The Code of The Golden EggOf Lords And Rings And Fairy Kings:
Legends Of The Seeker World,
The Code Of the Golden Egg
( The Rare Illustrated Fantasy Art Collector's Edition)
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Classified as "a new genre of Dark Gothic Christian Fantasy Art books." Janice Moore mixes speculative fantasy with ancient history to create this unique book with a Alternate Alternative Biblical Christian Twist!

The first book by author Janice Moore is at the time of this writing about 65% done. Book publishing has been put on hold. She survived cancer but she is still in recovery and is busy redesigning all of her websites, including her online stores. Patience. Her book will be in print one day.

2016 Update...

uh... Trying to find the drive to finish the book. Lost direction. Trying to find the inspiration to pull it all togeather and finish. And! Having to look to new avenues for publishing. The company I was previously planning to work with no longer publishes books. Do I go full color and what size do I make available... Totally stuck.

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