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Fiction with an alternate Biblical alternative twist...

Heritage of Truth: A Post Flood Story

Introduction to Nvard the Seeker: according to Ancient Near East legend Nvard was the beloved wife of Ara the Fair, legendary first king of Armenia around time of Tower Of Babel and Biblical division of the sons of Noah.

Genre - [ Alternative history, speculative Christian fantasy ]

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Truth About Doves: The Story of Nimrod's Wife

The story of Sammuramat partly based on ancient Assyrian and Near East myths in which she is remembered as the legendary wife of Ninus / Nimrod. Perhaps the same as the Greek Semiramis, traditionally equated to the Biblical "Queen of Heaven" of Jeremiah 7:18; 44:7-19 & 25.

Genre - [ Alternative history, speculative, Christian fantasy ]

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Adam's Rib: The Healer's Story

Biania lost everything to discover the truth behind appearances.

The Story of Biania, A Healer of Ancient Times. Despite the Biblical name this short story is simply the fictional story of Biania, a healer of ancient times who lived in the area known today as the Iranian Mountain region of Anguran.

Genre - [ Historical Fiction ]

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Illustrated Legends Of The Seeker World Sketch Stories

The Celtic Dark Ages, The Apocalypse of Lost Knowledge

Once great teachers, the wisdom of the Druids is now in chaos.

Genre - [ sketch Story ]

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The Secret Crystal Garden Of The Nephilim Dragons of Eden

Nephilim Dragons guard their Crystals from Heaven in their secret garden closely. The question you should ask is why?

Genre - [ sketch Story ]

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