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The Secret Crystal Garden Of The Nephilim Dragons of Eden

Legends Of The Seeker World: Jewels of Heaven,
The Crystal Gardens of The Nephilim Dragons Of Eden

Nephilim Dragons Crystal Garden original Christian Fantasy art by Janice MooreCrystals from Heaven in the Land of Nod

by Janice Moore
Original Art Media Color Pencil Drawing

Nephilim Dragons guard their Crystals from Heaven in their secret garden closely. The question you should ask is why?

In the secret Crystal Garden Of The Nephilim Dragons the promise of dreams of romantic love, magic and beautiful magical fantasy lands of myth and legend hover sweetly in the air, like the sweet scent of the daffodils in this picture. But! Are the Dragons truly as benign as they appear?

Good or bad? Are the dragons really as benevolent to mankind as they appear in this picture story? Do they really have knowledge that mankind needs to survive in the Land Of Nod? Or... is the wisdom they have to share with us the wrong kind of knowledge. Are they full of deceit? Do they share "little white lies" that are true, but not completely true. Small truths just shy of outright lies told in hopes of leading man and the daughters of Eve to assumptions, filling our heads with distractions from The Truth they do not wish us to know.

more to come...