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Seeker World Legend of the Celtic Dark Ages,
The Apocalypse of Lost Knowledge

The Seeker World Legend of the Forgotten Prehistoric History of The Legendary Druids of Ancient History

Uprooted Forest Druids, Celtic Fantasy art by Janice MooreOnce Great Teachers, The Wisdom Of The Druids Now Is In Chaos. Dark Shadows taking various forms have over time crept insidiously into their society. Their secret dreams, love of the land, their knowledge of old earth lore. That knowledge they had held to so lovingly; passing with hopeful reverence to chosen descendants for generations has become a tangle of knots. Superstition and foolishness has replaced ancient wisdom. Fantasy tales have pulled dark shadows over the true earth lore they once possessed.

Teachers of Prehistoric Earth Lore,
Keepers of Ancient Science And Scholars Of Human Knowledge

Kings, Rulers, Phoenicians, even War Lords ... The world had once eagerly sought their counsel. The Sea People, the Phoenicians, merchants, navigators, even War Lords had sent their sons, daughters and territorial administrators to be schooled and learn in the ancient schools. They were the proud teachers and possessor's of earth knowledge. They were the Magi of the North Lands, brothers and sisters of the most ancient Chaldeans. Only the most talented and brightest men and women were excepted into their ranks.

True to the forms of the patterns that exist everywhere. Patterns shape all things and true to the patterns of time and history what little of the original great Earth Knowledge the Druids had taken such care to remember was turning on itself. Once remembered in brilliant clarity these patterns were being cast into darkness by shadow now. Future generations would be lost in the maze of superstition. Lost and polluted, completely saturated and distilled in dreams of magical myths. Ultimately true knowledge would only be remembered in dark silhouette in the form of legend. The earth knowledge no longer recognized in it's own shape and form..

Future generations would play semantic games proudly reshape a word into such titles as magic tricks, illusion, science and technology. As if a mere word could change the truth of the past. But! Perhaps a mere word can; perhaps, that is the true magic. If so it is a dark magic full of lies leading only to more confusion, more corruption and even more cruel self boasting pride. The kind of pride that forgets compassion; that stomps out all recognition of any other beyond the self.

Far future generations would think of themselves as the first. In some ways they would be right stumbling into knowledge known only in the first time, and into knowledge only true in their own time. But there would always be that other knowledge that on their own they would never recover. As lost to them as it had become lost to the Magi, to the Ancient Chaldeans, to the Irish Druids ...

But! Wait! Remember the prophetic utterances of "a remnant." There would always be a remnant; perhaps no more than just a few in each generation who would remember what really mattered. It had been promised by the ONE who never lies or deceives. They would remember that which went beyond the common ilk of knowledge no matter how apparently marvelous in scope. They would remember...

that knowledge is not the true treasure. more to come ...

Dark Gothic Fantasy and Speculations On Ancient History with an Alternate Alternative Christian Twist.