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The Baron and the Kid - 1984

Made For TV Movie starring Johnny Cash

Shown here is the CMT music video of the hit song "The Baron" by Johnny Cash. A made for tv movie was created from this ballad telling the story of the fateful meeting between son and father over a pool table. In both the music video and the movie the father is played by Johnny Cash, however in the movie the part of the son was performed by a completely different person.

In the movie: the "Cajun Kid" is the (played by Johnny Cash) Baron's estranged bitter son. A smart mouth boy who wants to be a man complete with a hot temper and a really big chip on his shoulder that needs to be knocked off.

Actress Tracy Polland (wife of actor Michael J Fox) is the quick and sassy girl who just makes the kid that much madder! But darned if he don't think she ain't cute and for a girl she can actually shoot a straight stick!

Various poolhall adventures follow cumulating in father and son entering a high stakes pool tournament to win the money they need to buy their own poolroom. Of course things never go exactly as planned.