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Poolhall Junkies Movie Trailer - 2002

Starring: Mars Callahan, Christopher Walkins And Allison Eastwood

Poolhall Junkies trailer from Abundance Entertainment on Vimeo.

“I don’t want to be a hustler. I want to be a professional”

Johnny “Sidepocket Kid” Doyle's gift came natural; he simply knew how to move on a pool table. His uncle Joe had backed him from one game to the next since he was a teenager, profiting from Johnny's masterful use of a cue with the aim to "educate" him on how to hustle. But Johnny didn't want to be a hustler. A new Men's Pro Tour had started up and Johnny wanted to go pro, but you had to be invited.

15 years later, in the middle of a game that Joe is backing, Johnny discovers how his underhanded dealing backer robbed him of his dreams so many years ago. Leaving Joe high and dry to deal with the consequences of his latest attempted hustle, Johnny walks out of the poolhall. He tries a job in construction, but his boss having some odd ideas about "pool hustlers" wants him to do some shady work for him. Johnny quits and it is quite the scene when his law-school graduate girl friend, Tara (played by Alison Eastwood) finds out. Tara assumes that he just quit because of his, in her opinion, selfish obsession with the poolhall and Johnny does not even try to explain himself. As their relationship takes more twists and turns Johnny tries his hand one last time at a normal job selling mobile homes, but he is not very good at it. He is a pool player and pool players have to play pool for the same reasons a dancer dances and a singer sings, though he does make a commendable effort in trying to be something he is not to please his girl. That is until Joe strikes out at his little brother and Johhny is forced to play for the biggest stakes he's ever played for against the current #13 pro player on the Men's Pro Tour.