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Turn The River - 2007

Starring: Famke Janssen

"Sometimes your last shot, is your first break."

Kailey is helpless in her concern for her son's welfare. Having no visitation rights she watches wordlessly the signs of abuse, a broken wrist, scratches. Her son Gulley never speaks of what is happening at home in any of the letters they pass in secret to each other; it has all become all too normal to him.

His mother is tough, from the wrong side of the streets living in the shadows of backroom card games and smokey poolhalls, but seeing Gulley hurt and unable to do anything about it is just too much. She has to get him away from his father and the stepmother who does nothing to protect her son. She needs to get Gulley to safety. To escape across the border with her son to Canada and for that she needs passports. She needs money and only her exceptional skill on a pool table can get the kind of money she needs.