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Billy The Kid & The Green Baize Vampire

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The two main characters of this campy cult classic are based on snooker legends Jimmy White and Ray "Dracula" Reardon of the early 1980s. The story line for this British Musical reads as follows:

Cocky seventeen year old Billy Kid lives in a fantasy world. He thinks he is a cowboy. Seven times world champion Maxwell Randall sleeps in a coffin. Both vampire and cowboy play a mean game of snooker; and they both have a big ego. Here's where scheming minds with their own hidden agendas jump into action and a high-stakes game is staged between the two at Supersonic Sam's Cosmic Café. The suspense is spiced up with underhanded double dealing, troubles with the local mob, a conspiracy to get Billy to take a dive and in the end the loser can never play snooker again.