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Andy and Janice Moore of OTC Billiards, A North Carolina Website for pool playersAnd! We Are OTC Billiards

This picture was taken in April 2000, on the right is my husband Andy and I’m on the left. My name is Janice (more about me), also known as "Jayce the pool mouse". And! We are OTC Billiards.

Back in the late 80’s, spending on average 8 hrs a day on a billiard table, I lived and breathed 9 ball. (Years ago, I wrote a story about the first 9-ball rack I ever ran, that story is e-published & housed on this site under the title "South-Pawing It" . After graduating from college I moved to Raleigh, NC to be around more players. I was very serious and determined to play professionally on the Pro Tour one day. Well, as life goes, one day never came.

Almost a year after moving to Raleigh, North Carolina; I meet Andy and we became the best of pals. I taught him how to play pool and he found my love for the game contagious. Somehow our best of friends relationship turned into a boy meets girl kind of thing. Eventually, we got married. And then, circumstances and a love for home took over. Now you are more likely to find us in front of a computer screen than on a pool table. He builds them and I work with them.

Andy describes himself as a "jack-of-all-trades and master of none." He’s been a mechanic, a body & paint man, office manager, and a painter, carpenter, antiques restorer, fire protection services, he side lines in repairing and building computers and is the person behind OTC Cue Repair... Did I miss anything? Probably.

In summary, I've learned to web design to promote my art and writing.
(Check out my / Billiard Designs Originals Collection). And! Andy works on and builds computers on the side of course. We compliment each other perfectly... At times.

As for myself, for well over a decade I worked off and on at various pool rooms in the state of North Carolina. Mostly in Greenville in the late 1980's and later in the Raleigh area. Even did a short sprint at SpringField Billiards in Missouri before I moved back home to NC and went to work for Michael Cone back when he owned Carolina Billiards in Garner. Most of my years working in a pool room were as an employee of Brass Tap & Billiards of Raleigh, North Carolina. Today? The largest segment of my life is now devoted to being a Housewife, an Artist, and an Author. And! As a hobby, perhaps instead of using the word "hobby" I should term it as a method to inflict self-torture; I’ve designed a few web sites & as you can tell still working on the monstrosity entitled / Billiards.

Health issues caused partly from too much time on the computer, age and... have slowed down the growth and updating of this site. Not to mention only so much one person who is completely self taught can do. Anyway my apologies to those who frown on the various aspects of my sites that they feel need to be done better. But... I do what I can. When I can and when my computer is up and doesn't talk back to me. Quite often I do too much and make myself sick trying too hard to do it all. End up having to take weeeks off sometimes... That's me the proverbial perfectionist looking to induce a heartattack or something. LOL.

Last Note:
Interested in taking a look at some of my drawings of fictional characters from the stories I have written and published online at my own personal author artist site, SeekerWorld Fiction & NonFiction?

How Long? OTC Billiards Has Been Online For Over A Decade

The year 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of / Billiards online presence. For over 10 years / Billiards and OTC Billiard Designs Originals has proudly promoted pool athletes on and off the pool table with online pool player resources and unique promotional billiard sports products.

The OTC Billiards Webmistress Survived Cancer

The same year which marked OTC's 10th anniversary Janice was diagnosed with 2nd stage cancer. After undergoing both external and internal radiation as well as chemotherapy treatments she is doing well. Not the same, but still alive. She used her convalescence time wisely and as part of her therapy to recover from the infamous "Chemo Fog" undertook the endeavor to expand on her knowledge of webdesign.

Welcome To The New Face Of OTC Billiards - 2013

The result of months spent with various books from the Adobe Classroom in A Book Series and more is this much improved version and redesign of / - Enjoy and have fun!