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The 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts For Pool Players

Heart warming Christmas gifts need not be expensive presents. This wish list shows how to shop for 12 days for inexpensive Billiard Christmas gift ideas. Here's a fun list to give Santa that starts with gifts for under $5, gifts for under $10, gifts for under $20, gifts for under $50 and finally the best gifts for under $100. Oh. And there is a song at the bottom of the page.

Day #1

Stickers: Decals are cheap and therefor one of the most affordable billiard gifts to give, or use to decorate a gift. They can be used for so many things. Stick 'em on a lunchbox, decorate paper, lockers, notebooks or use for scrapbooking projects. This one is of a pool playing dragon and says, Do you really want to cross cues with me? I have one on my pool case that says "Girls play pool too!"

Playing Dragon Sticker by OTC Billiards Designs$3.89

Day #2

Magnets: Easy on the budget and a fun gift for any pool shark. All pool players need a cool Billiard magnet for their refrigerator to hold down the flyer about the next tournament they want to play in.


Billiards Mind Game Magnet by OTC Billiards Designs$3.99

Day #3

Christmas Ornament: Start a new tradition, give an 8 Ball Christmas Wreath ornament and they can decorate their Christmas Tree pool player style. And wish them a very Billiard Holiday!


8 Ball Christmas Wreath Ornament by OTC Billiards Designs$6.09

Day #4

Keepsake Ornaments: Still keeping the gifts under $10 with decorative keepsake ornaments. Use as Christmas Tree ornaments, hang from car rear view mirrors, from a cue case... This one pictures a crowned Dragon protecting his nest of Billiard balls.


Pool Playing Dragon Ornament by OTC Billiards Designs$7.79

Day #5

Shot Glass: Novelty Billiard Shot Glasses are sure to please. Collectible gift ideas you can give a different one each Christmas. This funny shot glass is sure to get a laugh. A Pool Junkie with billiard balls in his eyes. Billiard Shot glass says, "So I play a little pool. So what? I can stop any time I want to."


Funny Pool Hall Junkie Cartoon Shot Glass by OTC Billiards Designs$9.09

Day #6

Mugs: Coffee mugs make great gifts for just about everyone! Even people who don't drink coffee enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or other beverage from time to time. And with the late hours pool players keep in pool rooms it's a sure bet that most of them are heavy coffee drinkers. This novelty mug with the words "Pool hall hustler" certainly makes the top 10 gift ideas for pool players.



Pool Playing Dog Mug Never Dogs A Shot by OTC Billiards Designs$13.19

Day #7

Clocks: Pool Players love Billiard Clocks. Especially nice idea for pool player who has his own pool table and his own game room (or her own like me - I have two! Pool table that is.) ( ball players like myself will especially appreciate the humor of the Billiard clock shown. A tuxedo clad pool playing frog stand on a 9 Ball shaking his fist at the world. Says, "If you feel froggy... Jump!"



9 Ball Frog Cartoon Wall Clock by OTC Billiard Designs$14.29

Day #8

Jewelry: Another great idea because pool players love Billiard Jewelry. Necklaces, rings, cufflinks, charms, bracelts and earrings you can't go wrong with jewelry for men or female pool players. Pictured to the right is a military style dog tag necklace of a Billiard Dreamcatcher that says, "Rack runner."


Rack Runner Dream Catcher Dog Tags by OTC Billiard Designs$24.20

Day #9

Calendars: Billiard Calendars are great gift ideas. They can be used to schedule monthly tour events, keep up with tournament dates. One of the best affordable holiday gift ideas. Hang one on the wall for game room decor or lay on top a office desk. This one is perfect for Christmas. A lovely photo art picture of an 8 Ball on Christmas Red satin.


8 Ball On Red Velvet Wall Calendar by OTC Billiard Designs$19.99

Day #10

T-shirts: Of course you've thought of Billiard t-shirts as a gift idea. But have uyou seen this funny 9 Ball T-shirt. O all things a horse is popping out of the 9 Ball to ask, "Do you wanna horse around?"


Do You Wanna Horse Around 9 Ball T-Shirt by OTC Billiards Designs$20.79

Day #11

Hoodies: Unique Billiard hoodie sweatshirts come in various designs and sizes. You can find hoodies and sweatshirts for pool playing kids as well as adults, even some really cute one for babies. This one is a really cool design on black of a Billiard dragon Queen protecting her nest of Billiard Balls.


Dragon Nest Womens Hooded Sweatshirt by OTC Billiards Designs$45.49

Day #12

Blanket: Novelty fleece blanket with it's Billiard theme is a bit more pricey but worth it. A very unique and fantastically nice gift for a pool player. Can be used for warmth as a blanket or wall tapestry. Beautiful 8 Ball wildflower fairy says, "Girls play pool too."


Girls Play Pool Too 8 Ball Woven Blanket by OTC Billiards Designs$69.49

Now you have some ideas from least expensive to... Get creative! Buying gifts can be fun, even if you don't have a lot of money. With the ideas on this page Santa should be able to come up with an awesome idea for pool player gifts. Something for everyone, and for all budgets.

The New 12 Days Of Christmas Billiard Song

1 Billiard Flask, 2 Billiard Rings, 3 8 Ball Necklace Chains, 4 Billiard Mugs, 5 9 Ball Key Rings, 6 Billiard Postcards, 7 Billiard Shot Glasses, 8 Pool Player Hand Towels, 9 Billiard Hats, 10 Billiard Luggage Tags, 11 Billiard T-shirts ..................... And!
12 Ladies Thongs.

Oh well, as a song it needs a little work.