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In Search Of The Best Gifts For Pool Players

Shop for gift ideas that even someone who doesn't play pool can get right

Trying to find the perfect Billiard gift for someone who loves to play pool can be a daunting task. You have absolutely no idea what to buy? They already have all the essential pool gear. They have no need for cues and cases. And! They have just about everything else too. So how do you find the perfect gift that a pool player will want to need?

Billiard Gift Ideas: Top 10 Gifts And Stocking Stuffers

Need an inspired gift idea to get a pool player for birthdays and holidays? Look to this One of a kind collection of designer gifts that pool players want to need.

T-shirts: Billiard themed of course. Like the one pictured to the right of a pool playing dragon riding an ocean wave of Billiard balls that says, "Do you really want to cross cues with me?"


Cross Cues, Pool Playing Dragon T-Shirt by OTC Billiard Designs

Jewelry: Billiard jewelry for men and female pool players are the gift they will always treasure. Cufflinks for men, earrings, bracelets and charms for women. Gifts of necklaces and rings will always be remembered fondly by a pool player.


 The Pool Whisperer Necklace by OTC Billiard Designs

Wine Charms: For a truly unique gift idea for a pool player add a decorative 8 Ball wine charm to a nice bottle of wine.


8 Ball Wine Charm by OTC Billiard Designs

Posters: Unique billiard posters for their game room walls is a well thought out gift idea for the billiard sports enthusiast. Posters of funny pool playing animals are a classic gift idea. Pictured to the right is a unique poster of a tuxedo clad pool playing frog standing on a 8 ball and shaking his fist at the world while saying "If You Feel Froggy.... Jump!"


Funny Pool Playing Frog Cartoon Poster by OTC Billiard Designs

Mugs: Novelty mugs designed with a billiard theme are a no brainer winner for functional and fun. Like this one pictured to the right of the 9 Ball Billiard Mouse warm wishes of a happy holiday standing in front of a pool table and a brightly decorated Christmas tree, leaning on a block of cheese.


Have And OTC Billiard Mouse Holiday Mug

Keychains: Perfect for holding keys or as decoration to attach to a cue case. Pool player keychains are such a functional gift idea but can be also be fun. For example, pictured to the right is a funny keychain. A Billiard cartoon Pool Junkie with billiard balls in his eyes says, "So I play a little pool. So What? I can stop anytime I want to."


Funny Pool Hall Junkie Keychains by OTC Billiard Designs

Cases And Covers: Your pool player probably already has a nice custom case for his or her pool cues. But do they have Billiard themed cases for their ipads, phones or kindle? What about for their Laptop? Pictured to the right is a fun laptop sleeve of a pool playing mouse sitting on a block of cheese with a 9 ball in his hand asks, "How do you like your pool and billiards?"


The OTC Billiard Mouse Cartoon Laptop Sleeve

Billiard Hand Towels: Small enough to fit in the pouch of a cue case, or clip to handle. Great Christmas gift idea fun and functional. Made of Soft fleece novelty billiard hand towel will keep hands dry while playing pool. Great gift idea and basic accessory for pool players.


Beat you like a redheaded Stepchild Pool Players Hand Towel

Bags And Totes: Pool Players spend a lot of time in the pool room and on the road going to tournaments. They need something to lug all their stuff around like the multipurpose drawstring backpack pictured to the right. The perfect gift for the pool player traveling this Christmas.


The Pool Whisperer Drawstring Backpack

Shot Glasses: Do they play pool and collect novelty shot glasses? Pictured to the right is a funny pool playing dog shot glass. The shaggy dog claims that "This dog doesn't dog shots!" This unique 8 Ball shot glass is a fun gift that will surely bring a smile to any pool players face.


Pool Playing Dog Shot Glass by OTC Billiard Designs


Unique And Novel Billiard Gift Ideas For Men

So you picked your brother's name for Christmas this year and his passion centers around the game of pool. So, what are the best gifts for someone who is really into pool? He has a pool table in his home and is playing in a league. What do you buy the pool player who has everything?

Flip Flops: Sometimes even tennis shoes aren't casual enough. The 8 Ball Billiard flip flop sandals for men are just about a casual as you can get. Novelty men's flip flop sandals are a unique gift idea for men that also come in sizes for women and kids.


Mens 8 Ball flip flops by OTC Billiard Designs

Flasks: Bet you never thought of a flask as a great pool player gift idea. But it is. Stainless steel flasks make great presents for just about any occasion for the pool playing cowboy that you know whose cues are for hire.


Cues For Hire Flas by OTC Billiard Designs

Cufflinks:  For the man who loves Pool and Billiard sports to wear with his white dress shirt, tailored black suit and solid black tie. Sometime even pool players have to dress up. this is the perfect gift he will appreciate for that black tie event.


Behind The 8 Ball Cufflink by OTC Billiard Designs

Mini Flask Necklace: Every pool player dreams of running racks. Here's a Billiard dream catcher gift sure to inspire that wish to come true. A mini-flask on a chain he can wear everywhere and sip from everynow and then for a bit of liquid courage.


Dream Catcher Flask necklace by OTC Billiard Designs

Golf Balls: Most pool players I know also play golf. Does yours? Here's a unique gift idea Billiard sports themed novelty golf balls. This one pictured to the right of a 8 Ball pool playing devil dog. Golf ball design says, "Wolf at the eight. Devil with a cue."


Devil Wolf Golf Balls by OTC Billiard Designs

Aprons: Trying to come up with a gift idea for a cue repairist. I mean what do you get for your favorite custom cue maker? Of course! A billiard themed work apron. With a drawstring waist and two patch center divided pockets it's the perfect functional gift he can wear while working over a cue lathe.


Special Hustler Ops Custom Cue Makers Work Apron by OTC Billiard Designs

Mens Wallet: Another unique gift idea for 8 ball pool players is this Behind the 8 Ball wallet for men.

  • Men's Bifold Wallet
  • 100% top grain leather
  • 6 credit card slots


Behind The 8 Ball mens Wallet by OTC Billiard Designs


Give A Christmas Present To Yourself

Don't forget to be nice to yourself!

Pajamas: Billiard themed pajamas are a great Christmas present gift idea for yourself. Billiard clothing of any kind can be a nice treat to oneself. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies...


Professional 8 Ball Hustler Pajamas by OTC Billiards Designs

Teddy Bears: Cute and cuddly plush teddy bears are always a great gift idea for kids and adults alike. But Billiard Bears are even better! Pictured right is a great gift idea for female pool players. Cute white teddy bear wears a t-shirt with a picture of a pretty wildflower fairy carrying a flower basket with an 8 ball in it. Teddy Bear design says, "Girls play pool too!"


Unique Billiard Bears

OTC Billiard Designs: unique gifts for pool players designed by a pool player.