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There's A Mouse In Them There Pockets!

( Billiards sports humor written by Janice Moore )8 Ball Foul Cartoon

So What Does a Mouse Have To Do With a Game of Pool?

Have you ever shot a ball straight in a pocket only to watch it bounce back and forth? Stop on the brink of dropping? Do everything including wink and wave at you, but absolutely refuse to fall in?

Well, it has happened to me.

Happened so many times that leaving no room for doubt; something had to be going on. Finally, I realized what was happening and came to the firm conclusion that there was a mouse scurrying around inside the rails of almost every pool table that I had ever played on. But, I could not for the life of me figure out what that critter was up to. He was doing something in the pockets. But what?

Volley Ball! That was it. He was playing Volley Ball with the billiard balls. It took me years to figure that out.

Many more years would pass before stupidity gave up the obvious. For one thing, He was a she. A she mouse named Missy; and Missy was playing volleyball out of the pockets of the pool table because her boyfriend... wouldn't play ball with her.author signature - Janice Moore