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The New Redesigned / Billiards Website

Article by Janice Moore

Watch for major developments this year

I started out by completely rebuilding this website. Familiar older sections have been integrated into the new and revamped. You will find that OTC Billiards is a much more interactive site than it was in the previous decade of it's existence with a more intuitve navigation design.

OTC Billiards Is Still A One Person Maintained Website

Andy playing pool - OTC BilliardsJanice playing pool - OTC BilliardsMy husband Andy is mostly an honorary part of this website; ie. the website was initially his idea, but he leaves it all to me to make it a reality - Love you sweetie! To be fair, he does help with his support, some input, a small amount of proof reading and advice. Still essentially it remains a one person maintained website with all the obvious constraints that entails, but I do my best to overcome that obstacle. And have ideas of perhaps integrating guest contributed articles and such in the future. It is my hope that this new version of OnTheCheese Billiards will develop into a website that I can actually be proud of in it's promotion of Billiards Sports.

In the last few years online as a website we have not been very impressive at all, at least in my opinion. As many know, that was largely due to my fight with cancer. Well, I survived; and once it became obvious that I was going to live, my embarassment over the state into which this site had declined put me to cracking the books hard. Taking what I knew about adobe photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver, css, adobe bridge and other such stuff and pushing it up a few notches. What you see is the result. I may be self taught but not allowing that to hold me back; I launched a major crusade to take a website that had grown up too quickly in the face of my lack of webdesign knowledge and lack of initial foresight of how much it would grow. The result? As you can see OTC Billiards has been completely rebuilt starting with better navigation and following up with many changes and many planned improvements to follow. And this time I tried to design with the purpose of smoothing future growing pains in mind.

OTC Billiards Message Boards

New! OTC Billiards Message Board open page
Follow The OTC Billiards MouseOffering free membership, OTC Billiards offers full access to pool players with a simple sign in process. This new pool community is in it's infant stage. Looking for new members; OTC Billiards Community Forums has the full potential of becoming a thriving online community with your help.

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