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Your source to find video channels online to watch the finest presentation of pool playing around

Looking for stuff online is like finding your way thru a maze. But mice are curious critters. Follow...look what the OTC Billiard Mouse has found online now! Have fun online; learn new trick shots, how to play pool games, have fun watching cartoons, funny videos, instructional tips from pool players and professional instructors who know how to play pool and demonstrated to you how to to play the game. Or just sit back and watch online entertaining movie, clips and share a few laughs with everyone's favorite online Billiard Mouse.

OTC Billiards TV Guide shows you where to go to watch online Pool and to find the best videos and billiard sports channels and community. Many of the best billiards websites with an online presence offer archives of videos for pool players and fans. Over the past few years names like "Big Truck", " Inside Pool Mag" and "the Action Report" have become synonymous with the best video feeds online offering live streaming events and archived shows to name just a few online sources. The mission of this page is to bring togeather in one location a place to visit any time you wish to watch a good game of pool online to satisfy your hunger for pool. Watch the pool games, pro tournaments, professional players, instructional videos on how to play pool and how to read a pool table including help on the diamond system, bank shots, trick shots, player's playing pool, visual aids to improve you game... Sit back, make yourself comfortable and enjoy many hours watching online billiard videos free from your own home computer screen. Find out how to watch the best pay for view events. It's kinda of like watching TV, only here if your in the mood to watch Billiards, and only pool and billiard sports, then that is what you will find.

Enjoy hours watching online billiard videos free from your own home. Pool hustler movie clips, instructional, visual tutorials teach how to bank, trick shots demonstrated, read a pool table, play position, classic cartoons, vintage reels. Oldies and new, stars like Newman, Cruise, WC Fields... Comedy. Watch online Championship matches between amateuar cue sports players and professional Billiard Sports players. US Open Championship videos, Men's Professional Pool Players like Earl Strickland, Buddy Hall, Keith McCready, Jim Rempe. Vintage Film Footage of Legendary BCA inductees like Luther 'Wimpy" Lassiter, Irvin Crane, Willie Mosconi, "Minnesota Fats" Rudolph Wanderone, well known pool players like Cliff Joyner, local Pool Players. And Remember Girls Play Pool Too! Watch online WPBA Ladies Billiard Cue Sports Players such as Vivan Villarreal, Karen Corr, Alison Fisher, up and coming players Sarah Rousey

OTC Billiard Action From A To Z...

Action ? Watch the action... Billiard Movies, Instructional Pool video clips, Pool Shooting Trick Shot Demonstrations, Tournament Matches.. Video Media Sources found online for your viewing enjoyment.

Z ? Simple The CHeeeZ... It's all about the CHeeeZ, the money ball. That Cheezzzy yellow game winning 9 ball. And! 9 Ball Game players like their Billiard sports game "Just a Little Cheesey." And! / Billiards loves shooting at the cheee...z!

Playlist Collections

Instructional video clips: Dr Dave teaches how to grip a pool cue, stance, basic shots, position play and strategy, bank and kick shots, and advanced techniques such as carom and jump shots in this group of really good instructional clips  demonstrated from his best selling book "Illustrated Principles of Pool And Billiards"

Robert Byrnes - I personally (own quite a few myself) recommend anything, book or video, by Robert Byrnes.

Color Of Money - Movie clips and Fan remixes from the box office theatre hit sequel to the classic pool movie The Hustler. Sequel stars Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. Also special appearances of many real life professional billiards players including Keith McCready, Steve Mizerak, Jimmy Mataya, Grady Matthews ...

Billard Trick Shots fun and instructional - learn how to do artistic pool by watching the pros Mike Massey, Stephano Pelingo, or sit back and be amazed by these pool wizards
Videos in Playlist: 20

Billiard Game Match Collections - Professional billiard tour pool players playing to win pro tournaments and even a few amateur players that have good game skills going for the win. I mean the cheese. (in nine ball the money ball is that cheesey colored solid yellow with 9 on it) mice like cheese! especially "the pool mouse" 
Videos in Playlist: 9+

Billiard instruction how to play better pool videos - Instructional video clips, how to bank, use follow and draw to get position in a pool game. Tips on applying english, side spin... to get table position for your next shot... how to bridge, stance, how to break, jump, read the table, stroke the cue, drills, how to play off the rails, how to practice, Tips on applying English, side spin...
Videos in Playlist: 17+

More... - This Work in progress...Collection of collections a playlist. Note: not all of these groupings in this playlist are billiard clips; simple proof that even though your Webmistress - Hostess is a billiard sports fanatic she does have other interest and a very busy life overly full of things that need to be done as well.

Misc. Short Videos And Movie Trailer Clips

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Live And Misc Streaming Videos Online

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The Colorful History Of Pool And Videos

Read about the movies and television episodes that have played their part in billiard history. Watch full episodes, movie trailers and clips and read movie reviews and story summarys of entertainment from the silvers screens glorious past, present and future.

Movie Reviews / Watch Videos

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