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OTC Billiards: Read Online Articles For Pool Players

Instructional and entertaining stories, and funny pocket billiard sports anecdotes. Free online reading articles written by Janice Moore, the creator of the OTC Billiards Mouse.

The Colorful History of Pool And Billiards In The Movies

An expose of the representation of billiards on TV and in movies on the big screen.

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South Pawin' It: The Hustler Out Hustled - A True Story

For your reading entertainment, the true story of the first rack I ever run and the circumstances leading up to that event.

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There's A Mouse In Them There Pockets! - Billiards Sports Humor

or, "What Does A Mouse Have To Do With A Game Of Pool?"

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Cue Stick Maintenance 101 - Instructional

For beginners and intermediate pool players online article on how to take care of your pool stick.

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Pool Trivia: Billiard Facts And History

Some Of The Things On The Cheese Pool Players Need To Know or Just Wants To Know

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And We Are OTC

Short bio of Andy and Janice Moore of / Billiards.

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