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Basic Cue Maintenance 101

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Looking For Good Advice On How To Learn To Play The Game

Follow The OTC Billiards MouseFollow The OTC Billiard Mouse... and "jayce the pool mouse" around the web as he and his creator uncover great online resources. Find tips, tricks and strategies to improve your pool players game. Already know how to play pool? Want to be a better pool player? Want to learn how to play 8 Ball, 9 Ball, one pocket, straight pool, snooker, three cushion billiards... OTC has found the online resource to give you a great start! Learn how to approach the table, hold a cue, mentally play the game, move the cue ball, secret techniques and strategies, trick shots, the mysteries of putting english on the ball, aim, shooting straight, follow thru ... tip repair, cue care... this page is not just for the amateur or beginner but for the pros and the road players and even the hustler to help brush up on your game and get back to the basics when need be.

Find An Instructor To Teach You How To Play Pool

Many of the professional players offer instruction by the hour, just check out their websites or any of the sites below. The lessons a good teacher offers can be invaluable for both new players and advanced.

How They Did Those Shots As Seen In The Movies

Free Online Pool Lessons And Billiard Tutorials

You don't want to learn how to be a gambler or a Hustler of the game of Pool
You simply want to learn how to play a better Pool or Billiard Sports Games.

School is in session! Watch and learn from the convenience of your own home from these great teachers of billiard sports. Online Instructors video clips teaching you the student the various mechanics of the game of Pocket billiards. Learn how to bridge, stance, how to break, jump, read the table, stroke the cue, drills, how to play off the rails, how to practice, what not to do on a Pool Table! how to aim to actually make your shot, trick shots that can actually improve your game... how to bank, use follow or draw to get position in a pool game. Tips on applying English, side spin... to get table position for your next shot.